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    Patara Beaches

    Patara was one of the heavenly corners of Antalya since ancient times, and has maintained this feature till today. In parallel with its sea, its tides and current, Patara was frequented by thinkers, pioneers and mystical aspects from across the world. This tradition continues in our days with visitors who come from across the world to explore the city and its famous beaches.

    Patara Harbour

    Thanks to its geographical and climatic feature, the harbour of the city has become one of the indispensable stops of the east-west maritime trade route in the south of Anatolia, and thus a first-degree determining factor in the history and development of the city’s settlement. The alluvium carried by the water of the 130 km long Eşen River have filled the harbour of Patara, which ended settlement in the city in the 14th to 15th century CE. Today, the desert-like sand dunes close to the sea provide a different atmosphere to visitors.

    The Lighthouse

    The oldest known lighthouse in the world, which remained until today, stands in Patara. It was built by Roman Emperor Nero. It was unearthed during excavations and is 11 meters high.

    Parliament Building - Bouleuterion

    The unique architecture of Patara is a visual feast. At the same time it sheds light on the formation of a just society in the true sense of the word during ancient times. The Assembly Building (Meclis Binası) in Patara, one of the most powerful cities of the Lycian League, housed representatives of its 23 city states along Mediterranean coast. The Lycian League established a successful democracy in the ancient world using an unrivalled relative representation. Part of its political history has greatly influenced the constitution and founding principles of the United States. Its functioning and constitution is a role model for modern ruling systems. Lycian League Parliament building was the building of the Lycian League, which was lauded by Baron de Montesquieu in his book “The Spirit of Laws” as the “most perfect form of governance in the ancient world”. It was restored by the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye.

    Caretta Caretta

    Patara is best known for its 18 km long beach, the longest beach in Türkiye. The beach is the breeding ground for Caretta Caretta turtles and is one of the Special Environmental Protection Zones of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation. Visitors are only allowed with detailed instructions in order to ensure the sustainability of this rare ecological environment for the Caretta Carettas. Witnessing such a unique image and observing the various stages of the breeding process is a unique experience for visitors.

    Sand Dunes

    As mentioned earlier, Patara is full of interesting sand dunes due to the sands brought by the Eşen River. In Patara, where many desert scenes in old Turkish movies were filmed, you can adjust your camera angle and take a selfie as if you were in the desert, and relax your eyes at the sight of the blue sea and forget the fatigue of the day you spent on the vast beach at sunset.